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Are you a Nigerian? Are you a youth not more than 50 years old? Do you believe in the Nigerian Project? Do you believe in this entity called ‘Nigeria’? Do you believe in regionalism, True Federalism, Rule of Law, Resource Control, State police? Do you believe in the peaceful and political resolution of the present crisis that Nigeria is facing?

If your answer to these questions is in the affirmative then we the founding members of THE REAL NIGERIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT (N.Y.M) calling on you to join this worthy cause of bring to our country to the true and real change that is we all clamor for.

We believe as young people our destiny and that of the unborn generation is in our hands. We believe that because we constitute a larger percentage of the population of the country we possess the capacity to reshape the destiny our nation. Since our older generation have destroyed foundation our foundering fathers left behind. Since the older generation have divided our nation along religious and ethnic lines. Since our older generation have entrenched the culture of corruption, nepotism and tribalism. Since our older generation have pulled down the educational system which our founding fathers left behind. Since our older generation have for that last 50 years played politics with our collective wealth, now is the time to make the change. Now is the time to restructure our country and reposition Nigeria in the world map.


Our objectives include the followings:

To raise an army of young people who will occupy the various elective positions in our national life to push our agenda of change and restructure of Nigeria.

To politically restructure Nigeria to reflect regionalization, True Federalism, Rule of Law, Resource Control, Resource Control, State Police.

To reorganize Nigeria to reflect true National Identity so as to do away with religion, ethnic differences and all cultural barriers.


We do not believe in approach of the Boko Haram, Fulani Herdsmen, I.P.O.B, Niger Delta Avengers and any other militia group in bring a change in our national polity.

We do not believe in the divide and rule system being adopted by these and successive government.

We believe in dialogue, we believe that Nigerian’s problem is first of all political and needs a political approach to solving it. We believe that Nigeria needs men and women with a strong political will to bring about the change we clamor for.

We believe that as a country we cannot continue in this present system that promote religious sentiments, insurgency, ethnic and political deprivation, the dilapidation of political, social and economic institutions, the neglect of ethnic minorities, corruption and fragrant stealing of our collective wealth. 


If you wish to join the REAL NIGERIAN YOUTH MOVEMENT (N.Y.M) you can go to our registration page and click on GuestBook to send us your Name, E-mail, Telephone Number and Location.